Brenda Gagne: Empowering You To Achieve Your Dream | Brenda Gagne Empowering You To Achieve Success
Brenda Gagne is an entrepreneur and industry trainer who helps motivated people take the next step to achieve success in their life and business.
Brenda Gagne, Results 513,
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I am the Co-Founder of Results 513.


My partner Justin Glover and I are always asked what the 513 stands for…

“When Anything Is Exposed By The Light; It Becomes Visible”

-Ephesians 5:13

Our vision is to empower you to take the next steps on your success journey.  We work hard to help “light up your path” and teach you the strategies that will enhance your business, open your mind and create true wealth so you can have the results you need and want in your life!

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