3 Reasons To “Better Yourself” Today

better yourself

Most of us understand the benefit of learning and bettering ourselves.  There are 3 big reasons why it is important for you to continue striving to better yourself and become the best version of yourself you can.  Surprisingly, number three just may not be what you think it is.

Tony Robbins says “If you are not growing you are dying.”  Some people agree with Tony on this and others don’t.  If you aren’t growing, chances are you will feel a little lost and unsure about what to do next or which way to turn.  You will likely wonder what your purpose is as well.  Therefore, personal development is so important to focus on regularly, because we are all defined by different characteristics that make us who we are and lead us into our future.

There are three reasons why you should want to continue to better yourself.  Honestly, if you are striving to better yourself, you are going to impact those around you in a deeper way and increase their levels of awareness and in turn, they will have better lives as well.

3 Reasons to Better Yourself Starting Right Now

#1 – Know what you are capable of accomplishing

The first reason you want to “better yourself”, is so you can find out what you are capable of accomplishing! This will give you the confidence to move forward and skyrocket you in ways you never imagined or thought possible. 

We are all capable of so much more than we often ever realize or know.  This is why people love underdog stories so much.  They see others overcoming amazing odds to achieve something they never thought possible, and it gives them the courage to go for more for themselves as well. 

Grow occurs outside your comfort zone
Growth occurs outside your comfort zone

People see what happens when they stretch outside of their comfort zone (limits of growth).  That’s when you start to really see what you are made of and capable of.  Learning how to cope with difficult situations helps us be able to react and respond to them better as time goes on.  Once that happens, we gain self-confidence, we see that we are stronger than we thought, and realize we can do the hard things.  If you always only stay in your comfort zone (rut), you will never see what you are truly capable of achieving.

#2 – It will improve every aspect of your life

Secondly, bettering yourself will help you in every aspect of your life including relationships with family members, friends, co-workers, and bosses.  It will also help you spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, as well as with business ( or productivity).  The willingness to take the time to learn about and better yourself will give you a greater understanding of who you are and what makes who you are and why. 

As a result, you will learn about your triggers… things you like and things you don’t like. You’ll see the areas where you need to develop yourself, such as patience or tolerance so you can have those wonderful and productive interactions (relationships) with others. 

Now, just because you are aware of it may not always make the situation better with others, but YOU will feel better inside and react better to situations that occur.  You will be calmer and able to handle situations you encounter more rationally and easily.

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Therefore, working to better yourself helps you stop reacting instantly and unconsciously to things.  It gives you the ability to recognize your emotions and helps you take a break and think about the best way to respond to something BEFORE you actually respond or react.

Once you get to this point in your self-awareness and journey to better yourself, you will likely be happier, and things will be easier and probably go better for you.  Additionally, your positivity will increase which will attract that to you.

#3 – It will impact everyone around you differently

The last reason you want to focus on getting better yourself, in all honesty has absolutely nothing to do with you.  Yes, bettering yourself will help you see things differently, and help you interact better with everyone…. But it will also impact everyone around you as well!

There is no way that you can improve or better yourself without positively impacting those around you.  It’s hard to really understand the effectiveness of this until you experience it firsthand, but it’s amazing to watch!

Personal Empowerment

We can’t change other people, the only thing we can change if ourself… However, if you change the way you respond or think about things that they say or do to you, you will react differently. You’ll have more compassion for them, and have a more understanding point of view.

This in turn has a unique force upon them and they will start to respond to you differently whether they realize it or not.  Your positive changes will naturally have a positive impact on everyone you interact with (which is a really cool side effect isn’t it?!)

Bettering yourself is also known as personal empowerment, personal growth, and mindfulness. It creates satisfaction and positivity as well as breakthroughs, that allow you to be able to let go of your past and move forward with your life.

The 14 Day breakthrough challenge

The best part of bettering yourself and going on the personal journey to become the best version of yourself is the fact that you’ll uncover limiting beliefs that are holding you back…

This is why Breakthroughs are so helpful, because they can change the direction of your life in an instant!

This is exactly why I created my 14 Day Breakthrough Challenge.  It’s guaranteed to help you have a breakthrough in an area of your life that’s been holding you back from achieving everything that you want. Whether it’s your relationships, your career, your family or you just want to a breakthrough in life in general, this is exactly what you need to start thriving in life!

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I can’t wait to see you there…

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