Is It Really Possible To Create Your Own Reality?

Create your own realityThe phrase “You Create Your Own Reality” never meant much to me in the past. I used to be so logical with my approach to life that I always thought of my reality in terms of “actions and consequences”… hence my reality was the consequence of the actions that I took (either positive or negative). It was like a simple math equation to me. If I work hard, I get results. If I slack off, the results go away…

It took a lot for me to even comprehend the possibility that I had the ability to physically create whatever I wanted for my life with just my thoughts… and initially I completely dismissed the fact that it’s possible to get any results without doing the physical work.

Yet when I dove a lot deeper into the law of attraction, and really became open to the possibilities of manifesting your desires with just your thoughts – life became WAY more interesting…and somewhat strange lol!

I’m a marketer and I’m constantly thinking up ideas and testing them against others… so to me, this became no different.

I started testing out these manifestation theories and really played around with my thoughts and emotions and went meta to observe everything that played out around me.

Now, we’re all different and perceive things our own way, and after a year working with this concept, I now have the so-called “proof” I needed to realize that physical actions barely play a part in achieving your true desires.

The results I’ve had this past year had absolutely NOTHING to do with my physical ability to achieve them. I spent way more time working on my thoughts and perception, than I did working on tasks.

I’m about a thousands time happier, I have way more free time, I am always present in the moment (which is a huge game changer), money continues to come easily with less work, and when issues arise, I’m able to work through them faster and easier than I have ever before in my life…

I think the hardest part was letting go of my existing reality and being happy no matter what was going on around me.

That one simple twist in perception and thought was the game changer for me.

I tell you this today on a random Facebook post because if right now your life isn’t going the way you want… you have the ability to change it.

You won’t change it instantly, but you can start.

Right now…

Take a moment to be grateful of 10 things in your life… Then anytime you start to focus on the reality of the situation you’re in, that you don’t want… redirect your thoughts and focus to the best outcome possible for you (and challenge yourself not to wonder or worry about how it would happen).

It may sound silly, strange, or pointless… but it’s not. The universal laws, God or your source, are working in our favor… just make a point of trusting them

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