Dealing With Self-Doubt? How To Identify It and Conquer It Now!

dealing with self doubt

Have you ever gotten ready to do something and all of a sudden you felt nervous, anxious, unsure of yourself and afraid to move forward or complete the task at hand? Whether you realize it or not self-doubt has reached out to put a stranglehold on you. Dealing with self-doubt is critical in order to move forward in your business.

Below you’ll see some very effective steps to identify where the self-doubt is coming from, and how you can instantly conquer it…So you can go on to achieve your goals and increase self-confidence!

No matter how confident you are in your life, self-doubt is going to creep up and grab ahold of you.

You may be asking yourself how do you even recognize self-doubt?  Self-doubt will creep up when you have low self-esteem, you’re feeling anxious, you start to put things off, or make excuses, etc. If you notice any of those occurring, it’s a good indicator that self-doubt has reached out and grabbed ahold of you.

When dealing with self-doubt, you have to first figure out why the self-doubt is popping up and where it is coming from. 

What is the rational reason in your mind causing your self-doubt right now?

As a result of figuring out the answer to those two questions, you will discover two things. There are the rational, legitimate reason(s) and the irrational reason for your self-doubt.  The irrational reason is what is really going on behind the rational reasons. It is very important to figure out both of those before you try dealing with self-doubt.

It is easier to deal with self-doubt when you can identify it.

When you are trying to build an online business, are in network marketing, affiliate marketing, or direct sales, creating your own product, or becoming a coach, you are willingly putting yourself on a platform to be ridiculed, judged, and setting yourself up to have your biggest insecurities be highlighted. 

That in itself is not an easy task and no one wants those things to happen to them. And you are stepping out of your comfort zone to do these skills because you are new at all of this. Unfortunately, you have to deal with these the best you can and accept them.

What are some of those rational reasons? Public speaking terrifies me. I don’t know how to do FB Lives. What do I talk about or what do I say about it.  I am nervous. I don’t want to sound stupid and what if it’s not good enough? These things can stop you, but you can work to overcome them through personal development and mindset exercises.

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Now that you know the rational reason, what is the irrational reason behind it that your brain is making up?

Rejection is the underlying reason why you care about the rational reasons and understanding it.  No one likes to be rejected, but you have to not care in order to succeed. You need to be aware of this and DO it anyway.

Understanding rejection helps you deal with self-doubt.
Rejection fuels self-doubt

Every time you want to grow and increase self-confidence and alleviate low self-esteem, you have to move out of your comfort zone.  These things will continue to pop up until you see progress and start feeling comfortable. Once that happens, you will be fine and it will get easier.

There are three things you can do to help you deal with self-doubt.

1. This saying will help you shift your attitude.
“Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.”
Having this attitude will make it much easier to do things and go after your goals.

2.  Motivate yourself.
Do whatever you have to do to be externally or internally motivated. For example, have a talk with yourself, play some inspiring music, go to YouTube and watch Tony Robbins videos, etc.

3.  Remember why you are doing what you are doing.
Focus on your WHY and be clear on it. Think about how great your dream life will be whatever that is for you…spending time with your kids, traveling, working at home, etc.  The feelings from understanding and remembering your WHY should be bigger than your fear and self-doubt. If it isn’t, that means your WHY isn’t big enough and you really need to think about what your dreams and freedom really are to you.  Take the necessary amount of time to figure that out and write it all down so you can really visualize it and truly feel how amazing it will be.

Once you know these three things, dealing with self-doubt and conquering it is much easier. Then you can move on to achieve your goals as well as increase self-confidence and crush low self-esteem.

My favorite quote to share with people when they are in this situation and they need to move past their fears and self-doubt is…


Action will take you out of doubt. Doubt will take you out of action.” ~ Casey Eberhart

Taking action will stop self-doubt.
Action stops self-doubt

When in doubt, TAKE ACTION. Move toward that thing you want to do because it will take you out of doubt.  Taking action is in effect dealing with self-doubt and the biggest step toward conquering it.

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