How To Overcome Limiting Beliefs So You Can Achieve Anything!

how to overcome limiting beliefs

There is a quote by Robin Sharma that says…”Knowing what to do and not doing it, is the same as not knowing what to do. 

Through all my years of experience with coaching, this is probably the single most common thing that I see. People have the instructions, they know what to do, but they just aren’t doing it.

Things get in the way, and they are justified in why that happens. In reality the reasons they give as to why they aren’t achieving the results aren’t really to blame, it’s the reason BEHIND what they are saying. It’s the subconscious thinking that’s running the show, because ultimately they have a limiting belief that’s holding them back…

But here’s the good news – you CAN overcome limiting beliefs!

It is a process and once you do it, your entire world is going to open up to you so that you can achieve every single thing that you want.

What are Limiting Beliefs?

The concept of limiting beliefs is very powerful for people because once you understand what your limiting beliefs are and how to overcome them, you will feel a lot more free.  As a result, you will have a lot more clarity in your life, and you will find things happening easier than you ever thought possible.

I have been on this journey for over the 10 years. I have overcome many limiting beliefs that I had that I never even knew I had, and my life is dramatically different than it used to be. 

That’s why this is one of my very favorite topics to talk about and why I love people overcoming their limiting beliefs… it’s literally life changing!

So, if you are going after your dreams, trying to be a better version of you, or you feel you have “more” inside of you, yet it just hasn’t come to fruition yet… really pay attention to the things I am about to share with you. 

This process will really help you get on the right track to realizing your goals and dreams and help you overcome limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

Overcoming limiting beliefs
Overcoming limiting beliefs

At is core level, a limiting belief is something that is constricting you. 

It is either affecting the way you feel or the things that you do.  It is a belief that limits what is possible. 

The biggest thing to understand about limiting beliefs is that they are sneaky.  You don’t think that they are there. 

It is very easy to blame them on other people who you think are not allowing you to to achieve what you want… such as tech or tactical issues, or people standing in your way, or making things difficult. In truth, none of these things matter.  It is actually the subconscious limiting beliefs that are holding you back. 

This is why it is absolutely necessary to see where the beliefs are stemming from so you can overcome them and move forward with your new life!

3 Steps to Overcome Limiting Beliefs

Step 1: Recognize Your Limiting Beliefs…

The first thing you have to when it comes to limiting beliefs is to recognize that you have them. 

If your life and your situation is not exactly the way that you want it right now, it is because you have a limiting belief running inside of you.  So your first step is to recognize that you have them, and then figure out where they are showing up…

Recognize your limiting beliefs
Recognize limiting beliefs

Most importantly, you have to be vulnerable and realize that even though you are an amazing person at your core, your limiting beliefs are holding you back. 

Once you admit that “yes, I’m the one that’s ultimately holding me back“, think about what situations in your life are not where you want them? 

After you figure that out, start looking for continuing patterns or situations that continue to occur in your life… Examples such as: running from relationships, picking the wrong friends or significant others, having the same arguments over and over, earning money and then never having enough left over, etc.

That last one is important because many many people have limiting beliefs surrounding money.  It’s important to see how much your thoughts and actions round money play a role in your situations as well… Do you live paycheck to paycheck?  Are you able to get ahead only to end up struggling again? Do you have a constant running thought that there’s never enough money? 

Step 2: Figure Out Where They Came From

Once you figure out WHAT your limiting beliefs are, you then have to figure out where they came from (why you have them). 

Because if you can figure out where they came from (the story that plays behind these beliefs), it makes the next step really easy. Typically, a limited belief will stem from childhood because that is when your mind learn associations with specific situations, phrases, emotions…. 

Your theta brain waves are really strong at that time in your life so things are being imprinted (hardwired) into your brain. As a result, it’s very common that something you saw or experienced regularly growing up, is subconsciously ruling the decision making process for you now…

Where do limiting beliefs come from?
Origin of limiting beliefs

I realized that my limiting belief of not speaking up for myself came from my childhood. My father made it clear that he did not like my brother or me to be loud. 

We knew us playing loudly was annoying to him and that he didn’t want to be around us much.  So, as a results I kept my thoughts to myself, but also noticed as my brother spoke up he got into a lot of trouble. As a results since I didn’t want to get into trouble I just kept quiet and told myself that my thoughts really didn’t matter that much. 

I carried that with me for much of my life (without even knowing it was there or that it was an issue).  Finally, when I recognized the pattern of me not speaking my mind (step #1) I realized it was time break it, but for that to happen I needed to figure out step #2, as to WHY it was happening.  This step takes work, but it’s extremely important in overcoming limiting beliefs.

If you find that any of your patters in life revolve around money (which many people do) this issue usually stems from the people you associated with growing up… the things you heard people say over and over about money even into your teens. 

If you grew up around the phrases “filthy rich”, “money is the root of all evil”, or you heard snide comments made about people with expensive cars, clothes, shoes, etc… Or possibly money wasn’t talked about. It was something you kept a secret, or was it talked badly about in your family.  If any of these ring a bell for you, it will be a lot harder for you to really make the amount of money you desire to change your life. Subconsciously you don’t want people making snide comments about you, so ultimately it will hold you back. 

Are you working hard to be successful only to take two steps back every time you take one step forward? This is happening as a result of your subconscious limiting beliefs. You can learn to identify and easily overcome them. Click To Tweet

Once you figure what your limiting beliefs are, AND why you have them, you can work to overcome limiting beliefs.  Do NOT wallow in them.  Simply figure what they are, why you have them, and then move into Step 3 and work to change them!

Step 3: Redefine Your Beliefs

Now, it’s time to redefine those beliefs. Since these beliefs are all subconscious, you have to figure out when they are happening before you can flip them.

Let’s use the “fear of success” limiting belief as an example to help you understand the process of redefining it.  Success means change, and often your thoughts around change can lead to fear, because fear of the unknown is a very common thought… However if success equals unknown, and unknown is fearful – you’re subconsciously going to sabotage anything that will get you closer to success. (See how sneaky that can be!)

Change your mindset, change your life to overcome limiting beliefs
Redefine limiting beliefs

Therefore, you need to redefine what success is going to give you! Success will give you extra money. (Which means you may also need to address beliefs about money too.) 

Next turn thoughts about money into emotions…money means happy kids, less stress, great accomplishment and it’s a good thing.  “I get money when I work hard and realize my goals.” 

Success will give you happiness and freedom to do things on your terms and not other’s… 

In other words, completely change the meaning of your past beliefs!

Write down your new beliefs about success, change, and money. Then plaster them on notepads, or your mirror all over your house, workspace, and car so you see and feel them constantly. 

Redefining your thoughts takes dedication and putting things into place to force a new and positive belief system surrounding those issues.

The more you think about the new and positive beliefs, the easier and faster it gets to overcome limiting beliefs.  The key is simply to start. Once you do, you will see your life start to change.

Ready, Set, Go!!

Are you ready to get started?  Let us help you!

We are doing a 21-day challenge to help you break through, have transformations, and overcome limiting beliefs so you can unlock your limitless prosperity that you have within. 

In 21 days, we will walk you through all of these processes, break them down, and give you tasks to complete so you can have massive success and change your life. Click here to learn more and join the Creative Freedom 21-Day Challenge Overcoming Limiting Beliefs.

I can’t wait to see you over there!

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