Renaissance Business Opportunity: Why This High Ticket Is Changing Lives Fast

Have you ever wondered how people can earn so much money, so quickly online?  Well there are a few things in place when this happens, but it has a lot to do with people earning “high-ticket” commissions.  It’s somewhat of an unknown concept in the realm of affiliate and online marketing when usually you earn less than $200 a sale. 

So I want to take a moment and go deep into what exactly “high-ticket” opportunities are, why would you want one as an affiliate marketer, how do you market them for easy sales and specifically…

And why the Renaissance business opportunity is my main one of choice for almost10 years now.

What is the Renaissance Business Opportunity?

There are hundreds of thousands of people out there right now enjoying the Renaissance travel membership. That have no interest in using that as a business opportunity and earning commissions off of it…. And that’s one of the reasons why I absolutely love the product.

The product is a lifetime discount travel membership. I’ve owned the Renaissance membership myself for almost 10 years now and I’ve been using it to earn commissions the entire time. I promote the Renaissance business opportunity by leveraging the power of the internet and it gives me $3,000 commission everytime someone purchases through my affiliate link.

Why Promote The Renaissance Business Opportunity As A “High-Ticket” Option?

Well first off, what is a “high-ticket” business opportunity? Basically it’s a product or service that you promote as an affiliate that gives you over a $1,000 commission when someone you refer purchases it through your link. There’s many benefits to promoting a high-ticket business opportunity like Renaissance on the internet. Unlike many might believe, it’s not any harder, it doesn’t take any more time, or knowledge or work to promote something that earns you a $3,000 commissions, than something that might earn you $100 commission….And that is such a key point!

Because that’s the best part about promoting “high-ticket”. It changes lives so much faster. Imagine doing all the work of creating and promoting an online business, and then earning $100 commission for your efforts. That’s great, any amount is always nice to receive…

But now imagine doing the exact same amount of work and earning $3,000 for your efforts. That’s a big difference isn’t it? How much faster and easier would your life change? That’s the power of the Renaissance business opportunity… Especially when you realize that the product is something people are searching for everyday, and benefits their life for over 100 years!

What Exactly Is The Renaissance Travel Membership?

Simply put – It is a 100 year lifetime discount travel membership. You invest in it one time and for the rest of your life you can go enjoy discount travel! And no, it’s not discount where it’s crappy, cheap travel. You can travel to high end travel luxury resorts, 3,4 & 5 star resorts for over or up to 90% off.

And truthfully, choosing it as a business opportunity for me was a no-brainer for me because this membership sells right now offline under a different name for over $12,000. Renaissance is actually the online marketing side of it, so we have the benefit of promoting it for a lot cheaper than they do offline!

AND there are over five thousand members inside this private membership that are enjoying traveling with this membership and they have no interest in actually using it as a business opportunity. 

When people purchase Renaissance just for the travel discounts, and NOT to earn commissions – THAT says A LOT!

Would you like to take a sneak peak into the Renaissance travel membership portal and see all the discounts that are available?

If so, you can use my guest login info below to take a look around:

Click Here To Access The Renaissance Travel Portal

Use the following info to sign in:
Guest ID:
Password: INVPresent

You’ll see discounts exactly like this one below. I booked 5 rooms for our Creative Freedom Mastermind weekend.

I saved over $3,000 from booking through Renaissance instead of Expedia on just one reservation!
Renaissance Travel Savings

How Do You Promote Renaissance Effectively As An Online Business?

Renaissance is promoted mainly as a business opportunity even though people do purchase it strictly for the travel discounts. When you purchase it, you have the option to become an affiliate and earn commissions by referring it to others. This is primary done through an online marketing sales funnel that is already setup for you. You can see the sales funnel and learn more about Renaissance business opportunity by clicking HERE.

This is one of the main reasons why I like promoting the Renaissance business opportunity to people, because there’s not a lot of reinventing any kind of wheel. It’s already been created by 7 figure online marketers and given to you when you purchase your membership.

What’s The Best Part Of This Opportunity?

As an online marketer and entrepreneur, one of the main things you want to keep in mind is to not have all your income coming from 1 place. Multiple streams of income is definitely something to keep in mind. However this can cause issues with other type of programs, or network marketing companies who have regulations that you can’t promote anything else that might compete with them.

Because the Renaissance business opportunity is strictly structured as direct sales, that earns you a one time commission, it’s rare that it comes in conflict with anything else that you might be doing. There is no multi-levels or tiers underneath your referrals. It’s you make a sale, you earn $3,000 commission, and then that’s it. You don’t make any income on anyone you refer. (Yes ongoing commissions are nice, and having that model in your business portfolio is nice, but so is a high-ticket opportunity)

And when you have an opportunity like Renaissance that is in the travel niche, it’s a usually a great accompaniment to the niche your business is in (if you currently have one) as it transitions very well.

Renaissance can be your “cherry on top” opportunity too!

Example: If you are in a weight loss industry either through network marketing or affiliate marketing, and you love your product. You’re really into sharing nutrition tips and wellness strategies…

Well if you know the people that are coming into your business are losing weight, and getting healthier and having more energy… What do most people want to do when they start earning money and feeling better about their life?

They want to travel. It’s been proven! So having Renaissance as business opportunity on the back end could be a very smart business move for you in scenarios like this. It doesn’t have to replace or compete with what you’re doing now.

And finally, I want to mention that for me personally, it just feels good to be able to promote an opportunity with a product that is truly helping someone’s life now and for the next 100 years, whether or not they have success in their business.

If you’re interested in checking out the Renaissance business opportunity, I highly encourage you to click the link below. Go Watch the full presentation, and be a student as you actually go through the process, because that’s the exact same process that you would be able to use if you decided to say, “Yes, this makes sense for me!”

Click HERE To Watch The Full Renaissance Business Opportunity Presentation

In closing, if you don’t have a high ticket opportunity in your business portfolio, and you are interested in earning $3000 commissions, I highly suggest you take a look at the Renaissance business opportunity because your life can absolutely change so much faster than you ever thought possible!

Renaissance Business Opportunity
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